Join the movement

Small businesses have been shattered into million pieces. It’s going to take a lot of us to help put it back together.

It won’t happen overnight and it’ll probably take longer than a few months. One things for certain. It’ll be faster with more people behind this movement.

Thank you in advance for supporting this movement and supporting small businesses

Are you a customer?

1. Support restaurants and cafes by finding a local resto or cafe near you via

They’re doing takeaway, deliveries and online stores! Over 500+ businesses are registered. You can search by your postcode to find local businesses.

2. If you’re not able to support financially, we totally understand. Here’s free ways to join the movement.

Comment, share, follow their journeys while you’re at home. 

We’ve created videos and graphics which you are free to download here and post on your own social media.

Please help spread the word by sharing the below.

Are you a business?

We may not have met in person, but we know the pain you’re going through. We’re all fighting for our lives and struggling to find a way to keep going. This movement is for you. To empower you.

If you’re still open for take away/pick up, delivery or pivoting to an online store. We want everyone to know.

1. Register your business here:

Still open? Do you have an online stores or doing takeaways and deliveries? List yourself on this website.

We makes it easy for people near you to find you. There’s already over 500+ registered.

2. Take a picture like the attached. You can download the template here:

Post on your business’ Instagram or Facebook and tell us what keeps you going in such trying times. Please tag #weareopennow and @weareopennow so we can share your story.

Of course, let people know how they can support you during this time.

Let’s get through this together.


Forever grateful,

Tim Huang